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During the Palestine and Israel conflict, which still goes on in this time, WORM has sided with Israel and has been trying to push back into the West Bank through the defenses have been well and have kept them from getting in. Maya, the leader of OniGanCo *has not been formed* fights yet as a Palestinian refugee and orphan in the current situation and fights against WORM as a Palestinian and as an untrained more solid.

However, she is intelligent and educated; she breaks from the war and escapes into the neutral zone. While going through the Neutral Zone, she finds the town and where all our characters meet, but she’s their first one and comes up with a plan to change the world. That plan becomes OniGanCo. While Maya is in the Tavern/Inn. Nina walks in, covered in sweat, dirt, and blood. As Maya and the innkeeper are the only ones in. Maya Introduces herself and says. “Hi, my name is Maya. Let me help you.”

Come check out my gear

Maya anime girl holding AK-47